ā€œStrengthening the envisioned goal to acheive urban affordable housing by infusing private sector participationā€

Demographic changes of the state during past decade, suggest that trends of urbanization is currently on increase by 1.35% annually. A revamped developmental stride, being promoted by the state Government machinery, especially in the areas of infra structure development and service sector is bound to accelerate this trend further. It is estimated that with its current pace of urbanization, the size of urban Bihar Would be 25% of the state population by 2025 i.e. around 40 million population would be in cities and for which 8 million houses would be freshly in demand, and of them 5 million houses for weaker section only.

So be the scenario, it is the urban affordable housing which requires BSHB a renewed focus on its strategy and delivery capacity to contribute its bit.

With these parameters BSHB strives to ascertain its efforts to broad base and significantly augment its ground level activity and its delivery capacity by way of inviting pubic private partnership (PPP) programs. In order to achieve this several policy and working level pre requisites have been modified, and being moderated to attract better co ordination between BSHB and other housing sector stakeholders. It is aimed to bring about time framed project completion, reduction in gestation period, empowerment of EWS/LIG Households and avoiding schedule over runs. Mobilizing huge resources for funding, large scale construction and capacity building, labor management for mass scale affordable housing are other miles stones to be attended to.

So a huge private sector that we have around, and which is better equipped in housing project delivery, shall be a preferred choice for BSHB to undertake partnership towards realizing our mission 2025.